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About Me

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog Culinary Delights & Beyond!

I’m Ninad Muzumdar, the founder of Culinary Delights & Beyond. I’m a Computer Engineer and currently running my own business. I live in Mumbai with my family.

I am a foodie and have always been passionate about cooking and exploring various cuisines. As my paternal grandmother is from Goa and my dad from Karwar, I have grown up eating various traditional Goan and Karwari dishes. Besides that, my mom also cooks amazing Maharashtrian, North Indian and South Indian dishes. I have learnt all the traditional recipes from her and have been cooking different Indian, Italian, Arabian, American and other cuisines.

Being an entrepreneur, I don’t write blogs full time but I share my recipes whenever I have time and whenever I try something new. The website will grow in days to come. I won’t just share recipes but everything related to cooking and food. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help the website to grow.

What Culinary Delights & Beyond offers

Culinary Delights & Beyond aims to take you on a culinary journey to explore different cuisines and share our passion for cooking with food enthusiasts like you. You will find all kinds of authentic and delectable recipes from India as well as different regions of the world. From savory Indian curries to lip-smacking Italian pastas, there is something for every taste bud.

We strive to make our recipes easy to follow with our comprehensive instructions and vivid photographs as we believe that cooking should be an enjoyable and accessible experience for all.

Culinary Delights & Beyond isn’t limited to just sharing recipes. We also provide information about everything else related to food and cooking like kitchen tips, cooking techniques, ingredients, food trends etc. We are committed to helping our users expand their culinary skills and knowledge.

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